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Our History

DSM Group was established in 1982 and supplies trade customers with a large variety of products including ropes, loadstraps, twines and slings.

These products are distributed throughout the world from our UK factories in Mirfield, Stourport-on-Severn, and Ipswich. Kingfisher Yacht Ropes is DSM group’s own brand of high performance sailing ropes and equipment. Kingfisher’s ropes have been used on many of the world’s leading racing yachts and dinghies.

By keeping large stocks of our products, DSM are able to complete orders quickly and efficiently. We aim to provide high quality consistent products at competitive prices. Please contact one of our experienced sales team for any questions you may have.

DSM Group have over 40 year’s experience distributing fibre ropes throughout the UK from Mirfield, West Yorkshire where the company’s headquarters remain today. After establishing relationships with large quality manufacturers in Europe, DSM soon gained a reputation for high quality ropes. Many of the relationships with these same suppliers still continue today, allowing our products to remain consistent.

As a family business, DSM continued to expand throughout the 1980s, adding to existing products year on year. During the 1990s founder David Saddington was joined in the business by his two sons, Nigel and Paul; all three still run the company today with the help of many experienced members of staff.

During the 1990s expansion continued, with the opening of factories in the midlands which produces anything from loadstraps to shock cord products, with Covertec in Ipswich producing bespoke canvas products.

Early in 2002 saw the birth of Kingfisher Yacht Ropes. DSM brought this new brand to the market place with great success, so much so that after only 10 years, Kingfisher was one of the most recognisable names for ropes within the UK leisure marine market. In the last decade the Kingfisher Yacht Ropes brand has expanded outside of the UK and we now have more than 300 international partners and stockists across the globe.

Service is the key to DSM’s success story and we promise to keep the same levels of service for all customers in the future.

our commitment

DSM Group are committed to offering high quality products, technical expertise with a high level of customer service.

Team Kingfisher is our network of sponsored sailors, events and associations. We are currently supporting all levels of sailing from junior dinghy sailors through to Olympic hopefuls. For more information or to apply to be apart of the Team Kingfisher program, please contact us.


Tested to the limit

On the water in many of the world’s greatest yacht races, and off the water at the factory, our ropes are tested to their limits. We always publish minimum spliced breaking loads, ensuring our results are not only relevant to user, but achievable.

Rope Technology

The history of ropes dates back to prehistoric times although these "ropes" were likely vines or plant fibres.

Evidence of rope making technology in Europe dates back 28,000 years with impressions of cordage on fired clay. The ancient Egyptians developed tools to make ropes from water reeds and these ropes were used to move the heavy stones needed to make great Egyptian monuments. In the middle ages across Europe, ropes were constructed in rope walks. These long buildings determined how long the finished rope would become - the longer the building, the longer the piece of rope that could be made. Late in the 18th century the first rope making machine was built and patented, although Leonardo da Vinci had, much earlier, drawn sketches of a concept for a rope making machine, which (like many of his inventions) was never made. Until the 1950s, all ropes were made from natural fibre's - naturally grown materials such as hemp, sisal and manila. Since the introduction of man-made or synthetic fibres, such as polypropylene and polyester, the production of natural fibre ropes has reduced dramatically, but, despite the dominance of synthetic fibres, natural fibre ropes are still being produced today.


Fast order processing

At DSM we aim to ship 90% of our daily orders on the day we receive them. To achieve this level of service we have to keep large stocks and also be very efficient in picking and packing our daily orders.

Delivery Services

DSM offers a full worldwide delivery on our products from any of our four factories. This delivery services is next day in the UK. We are also able to deliver many goods on our own fleet of vans who service most areas in the UK

Worldwide Delivery

International shipments are now a more common feature for DSM with daily exports shipments leaving our warehouse by road, sea and airfreight depending on our customers demands.

DSM Careers

Looking for a new challenge please contact us for our latest available positions.

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