Pre-Spliced Braided Docklines

All Docklines have a spliced eye at one end and whipping at the other. They are packaged as standard in a clear bag with a label, but for a surcharge, we can offer blister packs or header cards. All sizes are available in navy blue and black; many other colours are available in smaller diameters.



Technical Data

Diameter (mm)

Min Break
Strength (kgs)


Technical Data

Diameter (mm)

6metres long

Load-Elongation Curve

Elongation is based on figures taken from tests across the diameter range, to produce an average figure.



We produce and supply bespoke Mooring lines for all types of vessels including, Sailing Yachts, Motor Boats, Superyachts, Supertankers, Cruise liners.



Polyester has a specific gravity of 1.38 which means it will not float. Polyester has no strength loss when wet, it is flexible and has good abrasion resistance. Polyester fibres also have good resistance to chemicals and have a melting point of 295°C.


Nylon (or Polyamide) fibres are stronger than Polyester fibres and provide greater stretch (elongation), Ropes produced with Nylon fibres can lose upto 15% strength when wet. The specific gravity of Nylon is 1.14 which makes it sink, the fibre has a melting point of 250 degree C.

Product Markets

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