evolution taper

Evolution Taper is a triple braid construction containing 4mm Evolution Race 78 with an additional Polyester braided cover, it is ideal for tapered spinnaker sheets. We also produce a version made to order with a Technora® cover for added abrasion resistance called Tapertech.




Technical Data

Diameter (mm)

6 polyester

6 tapertech

Min Break
Strength (kgs)



Load-Elongation Curve

Elongation is based on figures taken from tests across the diameter range, to produce an average figure.



Sheets are a line used to control the movable clews of a sail. We have many options for sheets on board for dinghy sailors through to Grand Prix race boats.



Polyester has a specific gravity of 1.38 which means it will not float. Polyester has no strength loss when wet, it is flexible and has good abrasion resistance. Polyester fibres also have good resistance to chemicals and have a melting point of 295°C.


Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™, is respected as the premium brand for Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMwPE). We offer many ropes produced using Dyneema® fibres including single braids and double braids. We use Dyneema® SK99, Dyneema® SK78 and Dyneema® DM20 fibres to produce our ropes. These different types of Dyneema® fibre are used to produce ropes for specific applications.       

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Technora® is a para-aramid fibre, exclusively produced by Teijin Aramid in Matsuyama, Japan. The fibre is available in two colours natural beige colour and black version. Technora® is strong with excellent abrasion resistance, the fibre has no melting point but starts to decompose once the ambient temperature reaches 500 °C (932 °F).

Product Markets

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