Price freeze on Kingfisher Yacht Ropes products 2021

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Apr 14 2021 // Latest News

2021 Price freeze

We have together not only had to react to the ever-changing covid-19 pandemic, but on top of this all the changes brought about by the UK leaving the EU. It finally feels as a write this letter that both are now beginning to be understood and we are gaining control to hopefully move back to more normal lives and business in the upcoming months.

Normally we choose March to release our new price list for the season, this year however is different and despite added costs and increases on some of our purchases, we have decided now is the time to support our loyal retail partners with a price freeze on the Kingfisher Yacht Ropes range. So, your 2020 prices will be still valid hopefully throughout all of 2021. Please note the pricing freeze is only on products in the Kingfisher Yacht Ropes 2021 trade price list, any specials, or industrial items we will review independently.

We believe that implementing price increases during this fragile time for retail is a mistake and will only add to the current uncertainty. I hope that our 2021 pricing policy will give you our customers the best chance to make the most of the great British summer (and spring), a year I believe sailing will explode with more and more people choosing to holiday at home this year.