Splicing Services

Our experienced team of in house riggers can splice most ropes. Please enquire for details of your requirements. Some of the services available are:

  • Eye Splices
  • End to End splices
  • Tapered splices
  • Decorative Knots and splices
  • Whipping and serving


General Purpose

General Purpose ropes can be used for many different applications on board, the useful ropes are great to have as spares in case of an emergency.

Control Lines

Control lines are used to make adjustments to different parts of the sail and the rig. Kingfisher Yachts ropes have many different rope options for control lines on board.


A Halyard is used to hoist a sail, ropes used for halyards are normally very low stretch to keep the sail raised and taut.


Sheets are a line used to control the movable clews of a sail. We have many options for sheets on board for dinghy sailors through to Grand Prix race boats.

Many thanks for making contact with the DSM Group. Please check your emails for further information.