Loop Products


Loop® shackles are made from Gottifredi Maffioli compact braid and are an ideal lightweight, strong rope shackle that will not cause the damage to your boat like a normal metal shackle would. They are also very easy to open by hand.

Technical Specification

Part No Size Length MWL
L2-075-2 2mm 75mm 200kg
L2-090-2 2mm 90mm 200kg
L3-100-2 3mm 100mm 400kg
L4-110-2 4mm 110mm 600kg
L4-200-2 4mm 200mm 600kg
L5-120-2 5mm 120mm 1000kg
L5-230-2 5mm 230mm 1000kg
L6-150-2 6mm 150mm 1500kg
L6-270-2 6mm 270mm 1500kg
L8-190-2 8mm 190mm 2500kg
L8-270-2 8mm 270mm 2500kg