16 February 2018

Feedback from our clients

It is easy to tell people time and time again how good a product is but the process of convincing someone is much harder. This is why we go the extra distance and provide a wide variety of sailors and teams with rope to test.

GBR 49er Sailors Team Kernow have done exactly that in the form of trying out a new Gottifredi Maffioli mainsheet during their winter training program.

Feedback direct from the sailors?… "This new mainsheet is a game-changer!”

If your 49er Sailing, 49er FX or Nacra 17 Sailing team is interested in testing a particular type of rope or control line in exchange for providing us with some valuable feedback that we can use to further develop our range of products, then get in contact with a member of the Kingfisher team and we would be happy to support you.

Contact details and more on our partnership with the International 49er and Nacra 17 Class Association can be found on our website:http://www.yachtropes.co.uk/olympic-classes/

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