11 April 2016

Dan Henderson - Musto Skiff Report

Kingfisher Ropes Report

Since finishing in the moth in September 2015 I have been trying to get as much time on the water in my new Musto Skiff that Ovington Boats Delivered in Early October.  This is the 3rd time I have been in the class since 2007 and strangely been the hardest of the 3 times to get used to the boat. I think this is largely down to spending 2 and a half years in the moth which is a drastically different way of sailing/flying. I have put as much training in over the winter as I could have and this paid off when I finished joint 1st at the 1st event of the year at Rutland Water. Unfortunately I finished 3rd on count back but to be up in the top 3 in my first event back was pleasing.

Below I have just outlines some of the ropes that I have used on the new boat and a bit of technical on why we used certain rope’s in certain places. I hope this helps some people that are looking to re rope their boats.

When I took delivery of my new Musto Skiff, Omi at Kingfisher spec’d replacement ropes for every control line. The boat comes standard with non-continuous controls so it is best to take everything off and start again. On my moth I used Evo Race 78 and loved it as it lasts a long time, comes in a great range of colours, and has very little stretch. I particularly like the Melange colours as the cover it nice and grippy and easy to splice and taper. We used 4mm Evo Race 78 on the kicker and continuous Cunningham.

For the mainsheet and Kite sheets we used 7mm Evo Lite Race. I have used this rope in the past on both my moth and my previous Musto, and have found it to be light, durable and it doesn’t soak up any water. For the kite sheets we tapered this to make the ends that attach to the kite lighter so the kite fly’s quicker in lighter breeze. The Evo Lite is harder to taper than some other brands of rope however once it is tapered you don’t get any of the outer core trying to pop out of the gaps in the inner as the inner is of a tighter weave than found is most other brands.

For the kite halyard we used 4mm Evo Race 78 again for the same reasons as we used it on the control lines however for the main halyard Omi Suggested trying the DSK90 4mm. Due to the high Cunningham loads on the Musto you tend to find most people sail around with the main not quite to the top of the rig due to stretch or creep. Since using these DSK90 I can feel the difference in how the rig immediately starts to bend off at the top when the Cunningham is applied rather than the halyard stretching and then having a response from the rig.

I would like to thank Kingfisher for their continued support with my sailing and I am looking forward to the summers sailing ahead.

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