05 April 2018

Congratulations, Team Kingfisher!

Kingfisher Yacht Ropes would like to congratulate two of our Team Kingfisher sailors, Julia Miñana and Silvia Sebasitiá. Together they have won the Woman’s under 19 category at the Spanish National Championships which was held in Las Palmas in Gran Canaria, therefore winning the Spanish ranking for their category! This is fantastic news as this means they have qualified for the Junior Europeans which will be held in Sesimbra, Portugal, also for the Open Worlds in Newport, USA and finally for the ISAF Youth World Championship which will take place in Corpus Christi, USA. It is always great to hear from our Team Kingfisher sailors, especially when we hear such positive feedback about our ropes. We are looking forward to following the success of the Miñana-Sebasitiá sailing team and we wish Julia and Silvia the best of luck in their upcoming competitions.

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