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16 February 2018

It is easy to tell people time and time again how good a product is but the process of convincing someone is much harder. This is why we go the extra distance and provide a wide variety of sailors and teams with rope to test. GBR 49er Sailors...

Colour Change

20 July 2016

Rig12 and Rig12+ also have a colour change.

New Product

13 July 2016

Our melange braid on braid polyesters have had a refreshing upgrade, with new colours and a new improved construction.

D Splicer new fixed version

09 January 2014

As the UK Distributor for the D Splicer range of products we can now offer the new Fixed D Splicers the fixed version are the latest development from D Splicer and are available to order now.

LOOP Products

08 January 2014

We now have large stocks in the UK of all LOOP products, including the amazing High load loop shackles.

2014 New Product SwiftOne

08 January 2014

SwiftOne will be available soon as Kingfishers latest new Dinghy sheet rope, it is a lightweight hi grip sheet that feels like swiftcord it however contains no Dyneema® the product is ideal for the beginner sailor.

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