07 April 2014

18 Foot Skiff

Kingfisher are happy to continue their support with the 18 Foot Skiff Pika for 2014.

18 Foot Skiff: Jamie Mears (Helm), Tristan Hutt (Middle) and Stewart Mears (Bow),

Jamie and Stewart Mears have been sailing together for many years both locally on the East Coast as they grew up and in recent years on the international 18 foot skiff circuit. They have won many championship titles in skiff classes such as the B14. Joined by experienced 49er sailor Tristan Hutt on their new 18 foot skiff “PICA” they achieved an amazing year of results in 2011 winning UK and European Championships and Grand Prix’s and are currently No.2 in the 18 foot skiff world standings.

“We are proud to be working with Kingfisher yacht ropes and feel that there many years of experience in the industry, extensive range of performance ropes and ability to get ropes to us fast will be key to maintaining our performance”.

In the 18 footer class, development and reliability are key, in this respect it makes the perfect platform for testing and refining new rope design while utilizing the performance and reliability of Kingfisher’s existing range.

“In our first event of 2012 (UK Grand Prix 1, Stone SC) we had the opportunity to test some of the Kingfisher ropes out for the first time. We had issues in 2011 with our old tack line flat spotting in our cam cleats under the immense loads the 18 kite generates, with the help of East Coast sales manager Omi Sjollema we selected the 6mm Evolution Race rope which performed perfectly and helped steer us to 4 wins out of 5 races and a clear overall event win!”  

Link to Y and Y event report and Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d--FtI44Th0 The latest news is that the Guys are in Europe hoping to bring back some silver ware! We wish them favourable winds.

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